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Hi everyone!

I'm Amanda, a 26 year old graduate from UH and Houston native.

From as far back as I can remember, I've had an obsession with documenting events and moments to look back on. Through out middle and high school, I was the friend always taking pictures of even the smallest of moments because to me, they meant something. I truly fell in love with photography when I began learning about my family history. My grandmother would always pull out dusty, tattered photo albums and tell stories about family members we had never met, and the incredible lives they led. Looking at the photos, faces and stories that lied beneath them, I began to realize how valuable memories like these are. From then on, I took up photography in high school and never looked back!

My dream is that my work is something people treasure and look back years and years from now and remember this time in their life- a moment in time captured to live on forever.

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